Team Batten Hope – Tough Mudder!

My name is Abhi Muppiri, I am a husband and a father, and I am leading the Team Batten Hope – Tough Mudder. We need your help to raise our $10k toward the $1.2M goal to help fund his fight against Batten. I hope you will join us and support us in this team effort by choosing either the 5-mile or 10-mile race, joining Team Batten Hope and donating to Team Batten Hope-Tough Mudder on!

Please join us:
1. Support our goal by donating to Team Batten Hope РTough Mudder 
2. Register for the Tough Mudder in Dallas TX on September 30th, 2017 and Join Team Batten Hope Half or Team Batten Hope Full – all team members who join and donate $100 or more will get the gift of a Team Batten hope t-shirt!
3. Share our story and help us reach our $10k goal – like us on facebook, share and ask – no one said it was easy, but every one of us makes a difference!

Why Did We Join Team Batten Hope?

Our baby boy was only a couple of months old when we learned about Joseph’s disease, and my wife and I couldn’t help but think about how it would feel to watch our son lose his sight, suffer seizures and eventually lose his life this way. Knowing that this is Joseph’s journey unless he receives treatment is devastating. The fact that he actually has a fighting chance, while others before him didn’t, made us believe that we’ve got to do something about it -Joseph could be any one of our children, and we would want our community to fight for our son.

We all make different choices every day, some are large and some are small. ¬†But when a person’s core is shattered, that is not what defines a person; it is their response. In this case, Joseph’s family is working to do something bigger than their own child – they are working to raise $1.2M towards setting up clinical trial that will help many children like him in the future. This is something we wanted to support – we want our community to have this program in place for others like Joseph.

Why Team Tough Mudder?

Several years ago a back injury taught me the importance of resilience through personal challenge, and ever since I choose to face my own fears through a physical challenge that seems overwhelming at least once a year. This year I chose the Tough Mudder, a 10-mile obstacle race designed to challenge both physical and mental endurance, but most importantly to do so as a team. When I think about the obstacles that lay ahead for Joseph, this just seems fitting to dedicate this race to him.

We are a team of friends, family and co-workers that have chosen Tough Mudder as our way to support Joseph and others in their fight against rare disease. Each obstacle in tough mudder is designed to inch closer toward finding your inner strength and it our way of showing the courage and positive energy to the families that have much tougher journey ahead of them facing the Batten’s disease.

Together we can do this!

– Team Batten Hope – Tough Mudder!!

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