Friends are the family you choose.

We have a lot of really amazing friends. And amazing friends of friends. And amazing friends of friends of friends, who have learned about Joseph and the totally out-of-the-box work at UTSW and Children’s. Those amazing individuals have asked how they could help (and we need a lot of help) to raise the money needed to help get this gene therapy program positioned to get Joseph treated. This is where Team Batten Hope comes in…

Team Batten Hope is a group of people around the world, committed to raising $10,000 or more dollars each for gene therapy, and for Joseph. I know it’s a lot, but if 100 people accept this challenge, we have $1 million toward the goal. Personally, I hope we get 10,000 people to do this, so we can raise enough money to end rare diseases altogether.

As often as they come, we will introduce you to our Team Batten Hope friends. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Form a team of 1 or more.
  2. Commit to raising $10,000 dollars – take your time if you need to, just don’t stop until you are done.
  3. Send us a picture and write us a note to share at
  4. When you make a donation, identify yourself as your team name in the Team drop down list, and we will update our tracker on your progress.
  5. Check in every now and then on your progress, share a story and some photos, and let everyone know about your amazing contribution.

The beautiful part? When 100 teams reach their goal, we will be able to fund the vector for a family like ours, or a family like yours, or whoever needs gene therapy for their little person in a way they never saw coming. I hope you think about making a team of your own.

Tomorrow we get to introduce you to the first member of Team Batten Hope.

Warning – she is amazing!!

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